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Chief Executive Officer

Staff Sergeant George “Chris” Campbell Bio: Staff Sergeant George “Chris” Campbell served in the United States Air Force and United States Army. Chris first entered the military in 1994 and in February 2012 he retired from the U.S. Air Force in a ceremony performed by the Department of Defense Joint Chief of Staff Warrior Family and Support Office when he was presented with his Purple Heart and Retirement certificate. Chris’s most notable activities include deploying to Iraq in 2005 where he was injured in a rocket attack. He also deployed to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 where he served at the combat readiness training center in Gulfport, MS. Chris went back to Iraq in 2010 during Operation Proper Exit. Positions held were to include but not limited to firefighter, transportation specialist, crew chief, unit armor / supply specialist, security forces augmentee, and various other positions. Chris was born and raised in Danese, West Virginia on the family farm. Chris’s father served 25 years Army Airborne with two tours in Vietnam and one to Korea. Chris met his current ex-wife in 2006 while supporting Hurricane Katrina relief and has two boys. Logan is 15 years old and born in West Virginia and Wyatt which is 12 years old and was born in San Angelo, Texas. Chris and his family officially laid claim to San Angelo, Texas as home. In 2015 Chris was surprised during a ceremony in Las Vegas by Operation Finally Home that he would be receiving a new custom / mortgage free home to be built in San Angelo. During that time Chris and family relocated to west Texas and planted roots. Since retiring in 2012, Chris has served as a mentor for fellow wounded warriors. Now Chris is involved with various organizations that help wounded warriors that are returning and trying to make sure that they have a contact that has been there, understands the process, and just be a wingman / battle buddy for them. He currently serves on the Advisory Board with Train our Troops since 2017. Chris served for 30 years as a firefighter and obtaining the rank as Fire Chief for a rural fire department in West Virginia which he held for 6 years. He has also served as a Police Officer in West Virginia and spent 3 years volunteering for the Tom Green County Sheriff Office as a K9 Handler working an explosives detection K9 named Lara who was also a combat vet after servicing 2 years at the Baghdad Embassy in Iraq. He also maintained a narcotics K9 and was utilized on numerous searches for narcotics on traffic stops throughout the county and searches of the Tom Green County Jail. Currently Chris has taken up a less physically demanding lifestyle and has started learning to play the guitar and has currently written two songs with hopefully a lot more to follow.